Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quick SErobot Review

SERobot is the latest SEO automation tool that has come to create a buzz in the market, even it has not been released yet, but it is already been widely discussed in SEO industry. SERobot is developed for search engine domination purpose.

The creator of SERobot expected to build an affordable, yet extremely powerful link wheel building tool that will be the best in the market one day, and that people don’t have to spend hundreds to purchase. He is one step closer to achieving this with the introduction of this latest powerful software, SERobot.

Although still in the development stage, SERobot has proven to be a very powerful software that might soon overtake SENuke, which is crowned as the King of SEO linkwheel building tool nowadays. SENuke is extremely powerful (I do not need to explain too much on how good it is, if you are involved in IM for long, you should heard of it too many times) and I myself has been benefited from it a lot. However, due to its high price, it is too steep for many new Internet Marketer to get it started (more moderate to advance seo guys, this is a MUST HAVE tool). Hence, the introduction of SERobot is extremely important and should be embraced by many of us who are in need of a great SEO tool.

Now you make be asking, who is suitable to get this SERobot? My answer is – Everyone. If you talk about SENuke, it will be for intermediate to advanced internet marketers who are familiar with the rule of SEO and seeking to boost their rankings in the search engines. Beginners can use it too, however, the learning curve for SENuke is as steep as its price tag. But SERobot is designed to be so easy, simple and clear cut to suit everyone needs. It is Great for Beginners and PERFECT for Advance Player in SEO!

So, if you are someone who is using SENuke and you feel that it is something that weighs heavily on your pocket and you still haven’t been able to use it effectively enough to earn back your investment, you might want to switch to SERobot. It is much cheaper, and has the potential to show the same or more power in the near future.

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